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It’s official. I’m going global. And discounting EVERYTHING RTA before I’m OUT!

It’s OFFICIAL. ROCK THE AUDITION is going GLOBAL in a big way.  In 2014 I’ll be bringing the Rock the Audition universe ONLINE to help the whole world to succeed in Rock Musical Theatre.  Through the new arts technology company Artech, LLC and along with Broadway producers Hunter Arnold and Ken Davenport, the brand new Rock The Audition online environment will supply custom cut and arranged popular music for the piano, accompaniment MP3s, instructional videos, on-line classes, workbook, teacher training workshops…and more. It’s real. I did it.  

We’re calling this genius spinoff “ROCK THE PERFORMANCE.”


I am throwing together 2 discounted ONE-NIGHTERS and 2 days of DISCOUNTED rock rep coachings/private coachings UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE as I will be creating content and going to colleges ONLY for the next 6 MONTHS. You WILL NOT get my personal touch AT ALL and If you WANT me, I will be asking for MUCH MORE MONEY to take me out of what I’m doing.


See below for your last chance goodies!


Discounted Rock Music Rep Coachings:

Wed Dec 11th  and 

 Friday Dec 13th   ONLY

 by Skype from anywhere in the world!!!!

$75 for 7 authentic hand-picked songs 


70s folk/rock


80s pop/rock

Contemporary Pop/rock

(Up and Ballad)

and a faerie song




Make your appointment at -  all details are there!


Want this to be a gift? Email me ASAP on how to purchase BY the 11th and I will email your “prezzie receiver” a gift certificate ON or BEFORE Christmas to use BY Jan 1!!!!!!

Did you get songs from me and you don’t have ANY idea what to do with them? And want cut suggestions and juicy secret homework to teach you how to study popular music quickly for NO MONEY so you can be authentic?


Or…do you have a song that you want to coach with me by skype in your jammies?


Offering half- hour private coachings to get you to the next step down from $65 bucks to $45!!!!!!!!!


Make an appointment ON Dec 11th or 13th at 


Last Chance One Night Rock The Audition TUNE-UP CLASSES.

Formerly $100 for class if you have a song class is $80!!!!

Formerly $110 for class if you need a song, now $90!!!!!!!

True Voice Studios 

Monday , Dec 9th 7-11

Tuesday, Dec 17th 7-11


Email me ASAP to hold your spot at make sure to leave the DATE of class you want to be in in the SUBJECT LINE!!!!


That’s it folks! I’m getting MUCH bigger and you deserve to as well, cause you are fucking awesome. 

I love you and a very very blessed holiday to you! You really are incredible.

xoxo Sheri

Check out my commercial for the CONCERT!

You WON’T BELIEVE who’s OPENING for Sheri Sanders- In Concert!

9/25: Joe Iconis

9/26: Michael Mott

9/27: Brad Simmons and Paul Oakley Stovall

9/28: Katie Thompson

9/29: Bobby Cronin

10/1: Max Vernon

10/2: Todd Almond  

What night are you coming??????????? 


If you cant make it, but want to help sponsor a young performer who desperately needs Rock Musical Training, or to make ANY donation click HERE

Sheri Sanders- In Concert!

Tickets can be purchased HERE

If you can’t make it but want to help sponsor a young performer who DESPERATELY needs ROCK MUSICAL TRAINING, or to make ANY donation if you can’t come play with us click HERE

→ Chicago! FREE Rock Class AND DISCOUNTED Rock Repertoire Coachings!
I am coming to Chicago to give a FREE workshop and DISCOUNT Rock Repertoire Coachings! 

Wed April 17th,
Stage773 at 1225 W. Belmont

I am the ONLY person in the HISTORY of Musical Theatre to teach people how to pick, cut , arrange, research, vocally style and act ALL GENRES of popular music for the purpose of auditioning for Rock Musicals on Broadway and National Television.

Bring SHEET MUSIC for a rock song of choice, or EVEN JUST COME OBSERVE to Stage 773 And in 3 hours flat i’ll adjust as many of you as I can on your performance and tell you everything it takes to book a role in a genre where there is NO FORMAL TRAINING! Till now!

DISCOUNTED Rock Music Repertoire Coachings
so make sure you RESERVE A HALF -HOUR SPOT on my WEBSITE link above where it says  ”MAKE AN APPOINTMENT”!!!! 

Rock Rep Coachings: 
Come sing for me and for $75 cash  i’ll give you sheet music for  
AUTHENTIC Motown, 70s Folk/ Rock, Disco, 80s Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/ Rock Uptempo and Ballad, and Faerie tunes to audition with! 
( Down from $100!!!!)

please POST that you are attending the FREE WORKSHOP on THIS LINK BELOW  and your spot will be held!
See you in Chicago!

Here’s an OUTRAGEOUS clip of me coaching the kick-ass cast of Spring Awakening at U of Kentucky!

Rock The Audition Hits BOSTON OCT. 23rd-29th!!!!!!

Rock The Audition will be rocking Bostons’ socks off at BoCo AND Emerson!

But guess what?
I will ALSO be holding 2 days of Rock Music Repertoire coachings while i’m there! (Oct. 26th and Oct 28th)

Go to to make an appointment! Big discount with a current Student ID!

I will also be holding a FREE Masterclass at Berklee on OCT 24th from 1-3pm, so come by and get there early it’s going to be PACKED!!!!!

Watch me give adjustments to 3 actresses on their rock songs!

Rock The Audition- $10 less on Amazon!

Dear beloved students and friends,


I’m skipping town to perform (thank you, Jesus!) and I will NOT be teaching Rock The Audition until OCTOBER. At this point, that may not happen also :)


I wanted to let you know that should you take yourself on this Summer to be rock-ready in the fall, here are some free tips and a discount on my book!


1. Find out who the hit makers were in each era and make a FREE Pandora Station of each one. It will play that artist and other artists like them so you can study STYLE- specifics. Your voice will take on the style you hear, the phrasings, and your performance will become more era and style specific. 


2. Watch FREE live videos of all the artists on YOUTUBE. How do they feel the music in their bodies? How does the emotion travel on their voices?  Watch their actual ROCK videos if the music is early 80s-on. 


3. Watch Soul Train, watch American Bandstand, watch Solid Gold, watch Midnight Special.


4. Get your ass on spotify and listen to as much music as you can handle.


5. Smoke a doobie, drink wine, WATCH, LISTEN, and LEARN FOR FREE.


I am also very excited to share with you that Amazon has a summer discount where my book is actually $10 cheaper  than at Barnes and Noble!!!!!! Get it now and learn how to pick, cut, arrange, research, vocally style, interpret, and ACT rock songs for $19.79!!!!!!!!! 


There are great interviews with the Casting Directors, Directors, MD’s, and Composers of all the hit Broadway Rock Musicals, and a great DVD where I give you some pretty killer pointers!



Have a beautiful summer!!!!!!!!!!


Big Love,